Sunday, August 1, 2021

Meanwhile, Down By the River

Eighteen months into the pandemic and it’s come to this:

Sumatran tiger

Two Sumatran tigers at an Indonesian zoo were recovering from COVID-19 after they tested positive in mid-July, the Jakarta government said in a statement on Sunday, adding that authorities were trying to find out how they were infected.

The tigers had undergone around 10 to 12 days of treatment and were gradually showing signs of recovery, Jakarta's Head of the Parks and City Forest Office, Suzi Marsitawati, said…authorities are doing tracking and tracing to figure out how the tigers were infected.

She added that none of the caretakers and workers had tested positive with coronavirus around the time the animals were infected.

So, in order to keep the numbers up, and the pandemic alive, we are now reporting 2nd and 3rd generation variants (MORE INFECTIOUS! less deadly) along with zoo animal cases. 

Perhaps it’s time to stop taking a knee for the virus and get back to work.

congress kneeling in kente clothsDemocrats: masked up and willing to taking a knee

That’s just my two cents. Although I don’t actually care if Congress wishes to maintain their face mask charade – all the best banditos wear one.


For the rest of us, might I suggest an afternoon down where the river rejoins the sea?

Au Train located where the Au Train River flows into Lake Superior between Marquette and Munising in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

“In a life properly lived, you’re a river.” – Jim Harrison