Thursday, August 26, 2021

One Day Has Arrived

biden-doubles-down-on-assault-weapon-ban-days-before-election“We are on correct path now comrade.”

This, sadly, is true: America Is Now Actually the Mess Dems Pretended It Was Under Trump

It began on election night 2016…the talking heads at each network repeated the dire warning that a Trump victory meant certain doom for the American stock market. It was the first of about a million things they got wrong. Trump’s economy was humming along in overdrive until the Wuhan lab let the bat go free.

Objectively, the first three years of the Trump era were damned good ones for the republic. Unfortunately, American Democrats all live on a subjective moon that orbits a navel-gazing planet. Rather than just sit back and enjoy all of the peace and prosperity that President Trump helped bring about, all they could do was rend their garments over the fact that he had dared to defeat the least likable presidential candidate in history fairly and squarely.

Thanks to all the lies they made up and propagated until they were internalized as truth by their acolytes the country subsequently “elected” Joey and Kammie: a jackal and a hyena.

jakal and hyena

America will never be the same.

The entire Democratic party media cabal spent 4 years trashing Trump in order to enshrine a senile old fool in the White House who wasn’t presidential grade material even in his prime. Nor is his VP, the laugh-o-matic woman of color. So I don’t know who is actually running the show, maybe presidential advisor Susan Rice and her handlers, which would explain the fiasco that is Afghanistan.

taliban u.s. military let that sink in

Combined with runaway inflation, incomprehensible national debt, looming oil shortages, forced vaxes, open borders seeping millions of God-only-knows-what into the country every month…you would think there would be a rebellion under way. I mean, why aren’t all those irresponsible, crazy, extremist, violent right-wing terrorists that General Miley is so concerned about storming the White House as we speak?

banksy-laugh-nowOne day has arrived