Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Responsibility? You Can’t Handle Responsibility!!

I see that Jen, the Raggedy Doll™ currently in charge of official government propaganda, again denies reality as is her wont:

irresponsibly stranded

The RD™ had no comment regarding the irresponsibility level involved in planning a major military withdrawal before you got American citizens, allies, documents incriminating your allies, computers containing security data, weapons and equipment out of the country. I wonder where she thinks that plan falls on the irresponsibility scale?

Related loose end: I see that Biden is now considering extending the Afghanistan withdrawal deadline beyond his own August 31st deadline. Is it irresponsible to say that is no longer his decision?

And speaking of irresponsible Democrats leaving their friends behind:

captain cuomo fenceCaptain Cuomo, left at the gate of the Governor’s mansion, just like in Kabul

Cuomo asked mansion staffers to take Captain, and one volunteered, but the dog has a history of biting people and he was returned to the mansion just a few days later, the sources told the Times Union.

No wonder the Democrats’ dogs are biters.

major bidenMajor Biden, dispatched to re-education camp after biting for the second time

72e5efb03806d34e20201fab3d7c1c32b6-bidens-dogs.rsquare.w700Maybe they just don’t trust masked men

cuomo with captainOr shawls

And finally there’s this: RASMUSSEN POLL SHOWS TRUMP WOULD CRUSH BIDEN IF ELECTION WERE HELD TODAY. Ha! Trump crushed Biden when the election was held in November of 2020. Is it irresponsible of me to point that inconvenient truth out?


70 million won't forget cheaters trump

If you agree with James, read Bookworm’s position regarding the shoe being on the other foot. It will exonerate you from the responsibility of being nice any more.