Sunday, August 29, 2021

“The Army of the Emboldened and the Gleefully Ignorant Is Growing.”


What is most telling about this is not Charlie’s tweet but rather the responses it garnered in the official tweet stream. Scanning them I’d say that approximately 95% of the replies are negative-name-calling-Trump-bashing slurs – a bit surprising since the Turning Point founder has a rather large number of conservative followers. Apparently he has likewise collected a fair number of liberal-weenie followers whose sole job is to leave what they consider clever and pertinent replies to what they consider his misguided tweets. Their major problem with Charlie, aside from the fact he’s conservative, is that he is a spreader of rightwing conspiracies such as the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory that describes universities as “islands of totalitarianism.” How crazy is that?

It’s not as if it’s a new concept.

“We can call it Cultural Marxism, but at the end of the day we experience it on a day to day basis, by that I mean a minute by minute, second by second basis. It’s political correctness and it’s multiculturalism.” – Andrew Breitbart 

I was able to glean from the Charlie-haters’ replies the following facts as they know them:

  • It’s Trump’s fault!
  • Trump started it!
  • More troops died under Trump’s presidency! (?!)
  • Covid is worse! And that’s Trump’s fault!
  • But you don’t care if you go around infecting others and killing them!
  • It’s Trump’s fault!

Which proves definitively that this country is close to being irreparably bifurcated. If we can’t even agree that Biden’s bungling of Trump’s agreement to withdraw from Afghanistan (which, if I might remind you, the left has been demanding since we went in 20 years ago) then we can’t agree on anything. If you think it’s clear as day to everyone that this Moron-in-Chief is a disaster than you are no longer listening to your liberal comrades who explain it away as being “Trump’s fault.”

Anyway, my original point was that I was surprised to see so little support for Charlie’s poignant tweet. That however was explained when I continued to the bottom of the tweet ‘scream’ and found this message from the Tweet-master:

show additional replies including those that may contain offensive content

Funny thing, when you click on the “show” button, most of those “offensive” tweets turned out to be supportive of Charlie’s comment. Honest, if you don’t believe me check for yourself. And now you know what’s truly offensive in liberal weenie-land.

Meanwhile, in flyover America the fallen are honored.

fallen 13 composite


Beware: this is war, and


“The army of the emboldened and the gleefully ignorant is growing.” – Andrew Breitbart