Tuesday, August 31, 2021

When Todaying Is Too-Muching To Do


Ah, who does my little friend, who does?

Unlike the rhetorical phrase popularized after 9/11 - “If we (fill-in-the-blank), the terrorists have won” – the terrorists actually have won. When your enemy was the one who spent their blood and treasure and they withdraw leaving you with the spoils of war is there any doubt who won?

So for now we live in an age of ambient anxiety. We can no longer trust anyone: not academics, nor scientists, media of all sorts, journalists or industry. And certainly not elite politicians. We can’t even truly trust our own research as every search engine uses algorithms which by their nature are untrustworthy; and when designed to be biased are even more so. If you think you know the truth I would venture you only know the half of it.

Therefore I am just going to rest awhile, regroup and wait for my gyroscope to re-calibrate.  Come, sit  with me awhile.

take me there now

For summer is brief and we must remain strong enough to make it through another long winter.