Thursday, September 16, 2021

Late Summer Souls


beach grass blowing2poem late summerCumulus Life

I would like to be one of those late-summer souls, pushing on optimistically through concrete, unencumbered by August’s knowledge of declination,


oblivious of the fractures, decay

marigold breaking-through-concrete

and underlying rot. I would love to push through as the last bloom of the season, luxuriating in the sand’s warmth accumulated over the long summer.

beach pea lathyrus japonicus lake huronLathyrus Japanicus, wild, common name: Beach Pea

But I’m a bit spent for that. I will just sow a few seeds in the sand

wild beach pea Lathyrus japonicus fr Calvert Island

and trust that they will germinate in a better clime. Somewhere, sometime. Because life goes on.


And we all have to do our part.