Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Only In America

Sketch for AOC’s stunning gown specially designed for her to wear to New York’s glitzy Met Gala:

aoc dress design

If you want to stick it to the rich – and NY Democratic-Socialist Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clearly does - what better platform than the ritzy the $30k/ticket Met Gala, attended by every socialite, celebrity and wanna-be on the planet? And what better platform to display your political platform on than, um, the ‘platform’ that your Maker gave you?

1340142478Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made quite the political statement at the Met Gala by getting ‘tax the rich’ inscribed onto her stunning dress butt.

And nothing gets the message across like a custom-designed ($$$) Brother Vellies gown with ‘Tax the Rich’ emblazoned across the butt. It was accessorized, appropriately, with red shoes.

red shoes for aocBrother Vellies founder and designer, Aurora James, ties AOC into the lace-up red shoes that go with the killer-message gown.

What a classy, and ironic, act for the working class’s champion. She’s standing up for the little guy because as we all know America is run by the rich, white supremacist class. And the working stiffs, especially the brown or black ones, don’t stand a chance of ever reaching the Halls of Power. Oh wait…

squad members of congressThe Bartender-to-Congresswomen-in-10-month wonder, along with 2 other Squad members, also raised in working class families. But yeah, AMERICA SUCKS!

And in other Cinderella stories: Joe Biden – working class boy from Scranton who was finally hoisted into the most powerful position in the world - bumbled his way through a campaign rally for Pretty-Boy-Newsom yesterday before staff had to cut his mic again so he could be put down for a nap.

I for one would be in favor of a classless America if it meant the demise of the effete and the elite class. But alas, the middle class is the only one that will be smited in the great Democratic Socialist class war.