Monday, September 13, 2021

Never Place Your Trust In That Which Has Deceived Us Even Once

linus education

Many schools were back in session last month. Most of the remainder started the day after Labor Day. But the one with a really good teachers’ union - New York City - didn’t start until today.

A lot of schools around the country are still closed to on-site learning due to cooties. Although there are those wags who claim that ALL schools are closed to on-site learning, and have been for years.

dumbed down indoctrination

So if you wish your children to learn actual facts about history, be exposed to real literature, learn how to do mathematical calculations and {{shudder}} think for themselves you will pretty much have to teach them yourself.

education smart and dumb

The public education system has proved itself to be even more dangerous that the rest of the government bureaucracies that Boomers boomed against back in their youth. I guess that proves the hypothesis that as a species we don’t do learning particularly well.  

tumblr_p8q2u0Sznw1w6rviko1_250And that, my little one, is how you do learning.