Thursday, October 7, 2021


Unfortunately people are still getting fired for not playing along with political mandates. Children are still forced to wear rags on their faces during their mandatory indoctrination pogroms.

Of course it’s nothing more than cynical, hypocritical, virtue signaling and political theatre. Of course it’s about control not cooties. If you don’t recognize the mask for what it is by now you never will.

face mask plot

But sure, the jerks that tell you to mask up while they enjoy a maskless dinner party, celebrity event, wedding dance

46490615-9878719-Clips_show_Tlaib_dancing_among_a_cramped_group_of_wedding_guests-m-36_1628567778583Rashida rockin’ the dance floor at a wedding in a Michigan “orange zone”

or night out at a jazz club

san fran mayor breed BLM dancingSan Francisco Mayor London Breed has sparked outrage after she was spotted partying maskless at a local night club with one of the Black Lives Matter co-founders in defiance of her own rules. 

…while the little people waiting on them remain behind mandated masks.

Is it any wonder we gravitate to Throwback Thursdays? When America used to be the land of the free.

simple joys of childhood - little boys truck watermelon

And children were free to roam.