Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Beware The Meme: More Deadly Than Prosecutorial Malfeasance

gaigegrsomethingrittenhouseAlleged Victim Gaige Grosskreutz Implodes, Admits Had Glock Pointed At Kyle When Shot, Lied to Police About It

If there’s a smoking gun in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder case, it’s going to be the one fired by the prosecutor.

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Defense: “When you were standing three to five feet from him with your arms up in the air, he never fired, right?”

Grosskreutz: “Correct.”

Defense: “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun — now your hands down — pointed at him, that he fired at you, right?

Grosskreutz: “Correct.”

There is no government misconduct quite as bad as prosecutorial malfeasance. It can take your liberty, even your life. Pay attention and if your city/county’s prosecutor is an elected official who abuses the office in order to advance their own political ambitions (most do) vote them out.

But I’m glad our overlords are worried about more important things, like memes: US Surgeon General Warns Against ‘Misleading Memes’.

So I leave you with this, as a nod to Feather Day around here: Beware the Palsy-bird meme.

palsey big birdMemes: Still allowed by the First Amendment unless I’m mistaken