Sunday, November 7, 2021

Advantage: USA!

I’ve already wasted my extra hour as I just slept through it. That’s how you know for sure I don’t have a cat.

alarm clock laughingLOL indeed: It knows it’s really 8:07

So on this fine first day of non-daylight saving time, I have nothing on offer. The best I can do is showcase a charming little story out of New Zealand. It seems a couple found this huge potato growing in their garden. Since they didn’t plant it they’ve no idea how it got there. Colin explains that their gardening technique consists of “throw(ing) a bunch of cow manure and straw onto their garden and see what happens.” Showcasing their giant potato however has proved more difficult than expected, due to rapidly decaying conditions:

As the couple showed the potato off, it began drying out and losing weight. Mold started growing from its wounds. "He was getting a bit pongy," said Colin, referring to the potato's smell.

So he stuck it in the deep freeze and plans to turn it into vodka, which seems a sound plan. 

Still, weighing in at 17 pounds, they believe the potato - which they’ve named “Doug”- is the world’s largest.

giant 17 lb potato

To which I say “hold my beer New Zealand…”

handlers drop the strings while you're still on stage joe biden

Our sniffy spud – who we’ve named Joey - has your pongy potato beat by a country kilometer.


But not every country “elects” one to the highest office in the land. Although honestly, New Zealand does seem to give us a run for our money on that front as well.

49937109-10154999-New_Zealand_Prime_Minister_Jacinda_Ardern_pictured_has_abruptly_-a-56_1635831501135New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern abruptly ended a presser after being heckled by an anti-vaxxer 

Of course our Potato can yell at reporters with the best of them, so I still claim advantage: USA!