Saturday, November 6, 2021

Time: Make The Most Of It

This is your annual reminder to turn your clocks back tonight - although an hour seems somehow grossly inadequate. While some would have it turn back 20, 30…50 years, I’d settle for pre-COVID days.

awake in darknessOde to the COVID years

Back before it seemed so dark so much of the time; before the Great Pretenders, Joe and the Ho, began their…whatever we’re calling it these days.

But shoot! You do have to give them credit for knowing how to make hay while the sun shines, as they say. Just like mushy-headed Joey and addle-brained Pelosi told us they would, they herded enough of their cats together to pass a $1.2 trillion “Infrastructure Bill.” It shall forever be known as “The Day Light Saving Victory Bill” passed under cover of darkness in the waning hours of 2021’s Daylight Saving Time.

daylightsavings congress hoeJoey better hope his Ho is ready because his days are numbered

By her own admission, Nancy still doesn’t know quite what’s in the bill (we never do until we pass it) but she she did say that it contains everything from “privilege strug” to “vertable bird baths” and will not cause any inflation. In fact, because it’s all about families, jobs and the children (of course) it will actually “lower the cost of raising children in our country.” She proceeded to sum it up magnificently: “it is what it is because whatever it is it’s the greatest monumental historic legislation” evah!

whatever time clock

Yes my friends, we’ve temporarily lit in a very dark place. Still, we all have just that one sidewalk square of life to maneuver.

clavin sidewalk

I would suggest instead of just standing there we might all wish to dance a little.

what a time to be alive

Make the most of it…and tonight you get an extra hour to do so.