Tuesday, November 2, 2021

In Which We Carry On, Regardless

Busy day here – nothing interesting, just busy. So I leave you to take this personality test and report back so we know best how to utilize your skills around here. It’s pretty easy: just find the box (or boxes) that apply to you. And please don’t cheat: it will help no one.

personality types

To my shame, I’m primarily an “E” – eternally curious yet mnemonically challenged – with a few stray tendencies towards the “be prepared” personality of the “L” type. Definitely not a natural leader like “G”.

So go ahead: locate your place on the Great Mandala (an equally accurate personality assessment), discover your magical power and carry on.

regardless frame


To our Prayer Warriors: if you would, say a little prayer for my SIL who’s having a hip (Correction) replacement this morning. And we thank you in advance.