Wednesday, November 3, 2021

This Is What A Pendulum Swing Looks Like

Jake Tapper (finally) had to announce in the early morning hours that McAuliffe lost to a white supremacist:


“Youngkin pulling off a critical victory for his party in the highest-stakes election of the night. This is the first time Republicans have won an election for Virginia's top office in 12 years.” He went on, because he couldn’t believe it himself:

“Again, CNN projecting Glenn Youngkin has been elected governor of Virginia. And Dana bash, this is the announcement that Joe Biden will not be happy to hear, and it also shows how incredibly divided this country is.”

If the new standard for showing “how divided the country is” consists of nothing other than a Republican win I guess we are hopelessly broken, sort of like Humpty Dumpty.


“And all all the king’s horses

joey reporting…or horses-asses, as the case may be

And all the king’s men

terry and barry

Couldn't put Humpty together again

45402_humpty_lgWell no wonder: they all look like a bunch of colonial imperialists

So don’t forget about Humpty Dumpty. This helpful little nursery rhyme presents an important metaphor that we need to keep in mind: the Deep State may be deep, but it is not fathomless. In Virginia ordinary moms and dads seem to have found their depth with CRT and idiotic gender-neutral policies and bathrooms. I do hope the rest of America is paying attention.

tic toc pendulumTic Tok…