Sunday, October 31, 2021

Okay, It’s Official: Halloween is Today

halloween poem

As it turns out, “near Halloween” wasn’t near enough. While I thought yesterday was designated official Halloween hand-out night apparently I was mistaken. Not a soul; not one single trick-or-treater.

doggie halloween ghostsIt was like waiting for Godot, a no-show

So I guess I need to mentally prepare myself again to be interrupted dozens of times throughout the evening in order to comply with the demands for loot from would-be evil-doers. I can’t believe I once thought this night was fun!

halloween snoopy woodstock

I’ve no idea what I must have been thinking, but once upon a time we entertained on Halloween, even during work years when it fell in the middle of the week. I know: insane, but it seemed fun at the time. I started with simple, just a pot of chili or maybe “ghoulash” but eventually branched out to more ambitious fun fare. One year I made Toad in a Hole, only with tenderloin instead of sausages and decorated the finished dish with little paper gravestones. Sometimes I made beef stew with ghostie-potatoes.

Mashed-Potato-Ghosts-on-beef-stew-8873Yeah, cute: mine never turned out this well

Or sometimes just a spooky pizza if we did a lot of appetizers.

ghost pizza

Then, as friends began to move away we started to turn off the lights and just went out to dinner until the witching hour had passed. Most recently it seems easier to just stay home and give in to the little gremlins demands. Yesterday we made Shepherd’s pie with real mashed potatoes but by the time suppertime rolled around we were both too tired to eat it. That’s when you know you’re getting too old to do Halloween properly.

Oh well, tonight we’ll enjoy leftovers, handout the (full-sized) Reese's and Kit Kat’s to what is now this neighborhood's second and even third generation of (mostly) adorable wee-ones. And we will celebrate the arrival of another autumn of crunchy leaves, morning mists, shortening days and cooler temps, while preparing to move into winter and all that entails.

autumn trees and leaves virginia woolf