Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Beware the Zombie COVID-Flu Viruses

And right on cue, here comes the fear-monger machine, working overtime:

  • Drugmaker's CEO warns of 'material drop' in effectiveness
  • Markets fall on fears of prolonged pandemic
  • Time needed to see if vaccines work against Omicron
  • Variant was first detected in Netherlands on Nov. 19
  • Japan reports first case as new variant spreads

I believe the panic is premature. All I have to say is if China’s not worried, I’m not worried:

chna's not worried

And clearly China’s not worried. After all, they invented it, they should know how it works.

So my advice is to stock up on Vitamin C, Robitussin, Mucinex, make up a big pot of steaming chicken broth to stash in the freezer

chicken broth

and prepare for the return – with a vengeance - of the flu season. Apparently it’s death announcement was premature.


Like COVID, no matter what name you give it the flu refuses to die. These viruses are now the un-dead, zombies walking among us, stealing our brains and looking for other hosts to infect before they lose their virulent power. So regardless of whether you are masked or not, vaxxed or not, steer clear of them: they are highly contagious and should be shunned. But don’t worry, they will be well marked, as mandated, by their respective governmental agencies.

flu virus danger


i no longer give a fuck variant