Thursday, December 2, 2021

Looking Out For the Folks In the Way Back Machine

I’m playing the Throwback Thursday card because I’m finding current Thursday too depressing.


So let’s play a round of “Guess Who,” a game of “holy crap, do we ever change as we get older!”


Today’s TT “Guess Who” Category is Talking Head.


That’s too easy, the sneer gives it away immediately, but feel free to post one of your own to see if you can stump the MOTI.

Or if you don’t find that game interesting we can always talk old vehicles – an art unto themselves.

rusty truck night

I could be wrong but it seems there were far fewer school shootings when boys (and occasionally girls) were provided an outlet for their energy and curiosity that actually taught them something and produced tangible results.

throwback car maintenanceBefore video games, cell phones and social media, free time was a bit more productive than collecting ‘likes’ on Instagram

It was called “shop class” and every high school had them –

Shop-Class-LIFE - CopyShop class: circa 1960s

but that was before the concept of “tracking” caught on and they became second-choice options looked down upon by our betters. Soon the concept that everyone should pursue “higher education,” regardless of interest or ability, was hatched and thus was born Big Education along with the academic cesspool it resides within.

So shop classes declined and mostly disappeared as academia (along with parents, having been conditioned by society that it was the only path to success in America) pushed universal college, initially as a great equalizer in society and then as a right. Mike Rowe has pointed out more than a few times how misguided this approach is.  Now kids with no interest or aptitude for college either drop out of HS or stick around and cause trouble.

It’s a shame cars aren’t as sexy as they once were: maybe we could get kids interested in “shop” class again.

58 plymouth furyThe fin of a ‘58 Plymouth Fury

Oh and on the outside chance you didn’t recognize the Talking Head above straight away, it’s Bill, of course.

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