Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday: If It’s Good Enough For Brandon It’s Good Enough For Me

Black Friday “in case you missed it due to the holiday” news:

Pocahontas – the woman who takes credit for having single-handedly created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but claims that business owners “didn’t build that themselves” – has now released the Kracken on…poultry farmers:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for probe into turkey costs as prices soar. On Monday Warren asked the Department of Justice to open an investigation into anti-competitive practices by the poultry industry as turkey prices soar ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Warren, a former Democratic presidential candidate, suggested that consumers are paying higher prices for turkey because of excessive consolidation, price-fixing and "plain old corporate greed." 

turkeysAnd they’re probably white supremacists too

I admire the Indian Princess’s intentions, as I’m sure they are the very best and not just designed to get herself back in the limelight for supporting the little guy, you know in case Slo-Joe finds himself unfit to run for President again. But I’m just not sure I want to fund another new Federal Agency to protect us from turkeys. Theoretically, the election system was designed to do that. So okay I see her point, but still, we hardly need an inquiry into rising turkey costs. Let’s see if we can figure out this complex problem on our own, without a DOJ probe.

The progressive agenda that Biden has put into play - which includes the shutdown of fossil fuel production as well as pipelines to transport said fuel, combined with profligate deficit spending on a great many programs including paying people not to work – has created some ‘issues’ in the market place including but not limited to:

  • A labor shortage - which means
  • Increased labor cost
  • Increased energy costs - which means
  • Increased transportation costs
  • Increased refrigeration costs
  • Increased production costs
  • Increased poultry feed costs

In addition to all of the above, the media arm of the Democrat Party induced a “turkey shortage this year” scare, thus creating a buying frenzy which - surprise! - created a shortage. Put it all together and we’re in the midst of creating a welfare state where people don’t have to work so they don’t.

Poultry growers can’t get help, even at a higher rate so they grow fewer birds and blamo, just like that, Trump created a turkey shortage and escalating prices!

I did mention deficit spending didn’t I?


I know what you’re thinking: “Oh MOTUS, do Christmas Trees next!”

tree shortage22

But you can do it yourself with this handy little starter kit:

  • Labor shortage
  • Supply chain issues
  • Energy costs

Now get out there and do some Black Friday shopping for deals on stuff you don’t need, with money you don’t have. If it’s good enough for Brandon it’s good enough for you.