Tuesday, November 23, 2021

If It Was Good Enough For Lenin It’s Good Enough For Me

Were we not just talking about this last week?

 uc_002Yes we were

About how the left likes to discredit all slippery slope arguments made by anyone on the right as fallacious, not just the emotionally loaded ones that ignore reason and plausibility?

And do you remember when President Trump in 2017 claimed the left wouldn’t be happy just taking down Confederate statues and would be coming for Washington and Jefferson eventually? Do you recall how the media hyperventilated over how idiotic it was to make such a ludicrous claim? Molly Hemmingway does:

…Removing Confederate memorials doesn’t mean Washington and Jefferson are next, assured Jamelle Bouie of Slate at the time. “Trump’s comparison there is dumb. It doesn’t really even make any sense. And the notion that there’s some slippery slope [Fallacy!] is dumb,” he said.

…The New York Times ran an article headlined “Historians Question Trump’s Comments on Confederate Monuments,” quoting a historian calling Trump’s query a “red herring.” [Fallacy!]

….NPR’s Steve Inskeep purported to do a “fact” “check” on President Trump’s statement, opining that Trump “used one of his standard rhetorical techniques, ‘whataboutism.'” [Fallacy!]

…Douglas Blackmon, a senior fellow at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, said President Trump either does not understand history or was racist for worrying about the removal of Founding Father statues. [White Supremacist!]

Yeah, that didn’t age well.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 06-46-59 NBC News' 2017 fact-check on Trump's warning about Founding Fathers statues has aged horr[...]

Well doggone! Trump was right! Again.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 06-50-27 NBC News' 2017 fact-check on Trump's warning about Founding Fathers statues has aged horr[...]

I actually can’t tell anymore if the media are honest propagandists or simply useful idiots. I’m inclined towards the latter, as most state-run media are filled with that lot.

lenin's useful idiots

If it was good enough for Lenin, it’s good enough for me.