Monday, January 24, 2022

Everything Disappears When You Go To Sleep

COMMIT NO NUISANCEA PSA for politicians/bureaucrats and criminals – 3 not mutually-exclusive categories

I’m throwing you an open thread this morning. I didn’t sleep much last night until 4:45 am at which point I fell soundly asleep and slept till 6:45 am, my time, 8:30 Eastern.

So I awoke noting that the American people now (unexpectedly) list prices/inflation and crime as their top concerns. Where did that come from? What about all the wokesters out there who’ve been more concerned with inequity, social justice, defunding cops and replacing them with social workers? And when did the COVID COOTIE MONSTER drop from #1 for everyone? See why I’m afraid to go to sleep? Everything disappears when you go to sleep and when you wake up, everything’s different.


It’s jarring. So I turn this Monday post over to you, and the dogs.


Who keep their eyes on everything while we nap.