Saturday, January 29, 2022

We’re All Fascists Now

Do you know what the world needs? A lot more truck drivers and a lot fewer elitists who feel entitled to call us pejorative names if we fail to agree with their arrogant, imperialist one-world view.

“Fascist,” like the epithet “racist” before it, has now come to mean nothing more than “someone who disagrees with my superior progressive opinion.” Like so many words before, the supercilious snots have made the term “fascist” meaningless.

Mark Steyn weighs in on the Canadian convoy that Justine Trudeau calls a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”  I note that this is intended to diminish, demean and disempower them – which is a bad thing to do to minorities but quite alright if you’re dealing with the American Tea Party , Trump supporters and truck drivers everywhere of any color, race or sex.

Note: Steyn also remarks that Justine has came down with the “panty-waist variant” of COVID and is currently isolating in his basement. So I guess he won’t be able to greet the convoy when it arrives on his doorstep in Ottawa today.

Steyn points out that COVID is now a part of life and asks whether we wish to live with it or continue to put our lives on perpetual hold. I might point out that for many in my age group that literally means the rest of our lives. At 1:33 he asks: “Are there any more risibly brain-dead slogans than “follow the science? The science negates the case for vaccine mandates.” The answer is beyond obvious, unless you’re a member of the panty-waist elite set who actually believe their lessers  who dare disagree with them are a fringe group with dangerous views.

Bonus: today’s grammar lesson: the only person who is “literally” Hitler is Hitler…and his cat.

celebrity-look-alikes-animals-3.hitler cat jpg

And you can forget about calling Fauci Hitler.

fauci hitler

His roots hail from southern Italy. He’s more likely to be, literally, Mussolini.