Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Adjust Your Expectations Downward

Not surprisingly, winter has returned to many areas this week.

blue birdsYes, still winter

Other things not surprising this week:

Under Secretary Victoria Nuland Admits U.S. Funded Biological Research Labs Exist in Ukraine

Did the Director of the CDC Admit She Gets Her Science From CNN?

Ivermectin study demonstrates its efficacy against Covid, but that’s not what the published results said

How the Manhattan DA's Investigation Into Donald Trump fell apart

Biden Announces Russian Oil Ban, Blames Putin For Surging Prices


It appears that it’s going to be a very long year. 

calvin stay in bed

Certainly not the worst strategy. Alternatively, we could follow Lucy’s advice.

surviveExpectations, being downgraded.

From thrive to survive, in the blink of an eye. Surprising what a hollow man can accomplish.

(Dropping this thread early as I have to be out and about early today)