Friday, March 11, 2022

There’s An App For That

pooh discovery

For  example, I found something yesterday buried deep in my picture files that I don’t even remember saving. And now it turns out it might actually be useful, given the state of the world today: a nuclear bomb calculator.

nuclear bomb calculator

This circular slide rule describes the effects of a nuclear explosion on people…

From 1962 onward, copies of The Effects of Nuclear Weapons had a pocket containing a Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer. Setting the indices on the front of the instrument for the yield of a nuclear bomb in megatons and the distance of its explosion in miles, scales on the front of the instrument describe changes in atmospheric pressure and winds associated with the blast, as well as cratering and the velocity of window glass.

Charts on the back indicate the initial nuclear radiation and the thermal radiation. Tables indicate the probable medical effects of various doses of radiation, from no illness to severe burns to death.  -  Smithsonian

Of course there’s probably an app for that today.

army app for that

So don’t worry, everything’s under control. I’m sure Big Government and Big Pharma are working on a vaccine that will protect us all against this scourge.