Saturday, March 18, 2023

An Old Sufi Proverb For Caturday

A traveler asked a teacher, "What is the secret of life?"

The master replied, "The secret of life is to make wise decisions."

The traveler then asked, "How can I make wise decisions?"

To which the master replied,"You will make wise decisions based on your experience."

"How do I gain experience?" the traveler asked.

"Poor decisions."  

2k cat in hose


NOTE: I received a radiant bouquet of posies from the MOTI yesterday but my Verizon Cloud won’t let me download pictures just now; I must not have accumulated adequate social credits yet this month. I will post the glorious pictures as soon as Big Brother sees fit to allow.


Verizon has finally deemed me worthy to access my own Cloud so here is my lovely bouquet that arrived on Friday from the MOTI. It smells like Spring in the valley and is equally delightful to the eye, all blue and lavender set amongst of deep pink roses with splotches of gold double tulips. It perfumes the entire room. Thank you, my pretties, for yet another bunch of extraordinary pretties. They are even lovelier today as the tulips have unfurled to their full majestic glory but I’m not going to temp the Verizon gods to more mischief, so you must use your imagination. Thank you, thank you!


Closeup of the unfurling tulips: