Saturday, May 20, 2023

Good Lamentations

Good morning my lovelies.

And another huge thank you for yet another gift delivery of another fine lovelies:

20230519_122532The gray ghost in the mirror is me. 

They arrived on a cool, damp, dreary day and immediately injected warmth and happiness into an otherwise not so much that kind of place. Lemon yellow snaps, pink peonies, orange roses, pinky-orange parrot tulips and lime hydrangeas all enhanced with spring greens. You would smile too if you received them.

closeup 1

Unfortunately I have a bit of setback news that I’ve been reluctant to report. It seems that after repeated and more frequent MRIs that all 3 of my oncologists (chemo/immuno/radiation/neurosurgeon) agree that the brain ‘inflammation’ that continues to grow larger with each image is most likely new cancer growth combined with effects of the prior radiation therapy. I am experiencing concerning balance/coordination problems again and have a return of the Frankenstein feet seemingly detached from the brain. I’m taking steroids to reduce the swelling but they don’t seem to be helping with the balance issue much. They have greatly improved my TJM situation and have made chewing more feasible than it’s been for the last year, so there’s that. 

As I haven’t all the details yet I will make this brief and somewhat clinical and report back later when things are more set. We’ve met with the radiation oncologist and the neurosurgeon to discuss treatment risks and side effects, which are significant with either strategy due to the location of the tumor in a rather ‘non-rehabilitatable’ portion of the brain. So, scary, but all seem in agreement that neurosurgery to remove as much as possible is the best route at this time.

So I’m waiting to hear back from the surgeon to discuss scheduling and follow up care. I have a most excellent team of docs and couldn’t ask for any better, still…we wait, but are fine. So please, send nothing other than your prayers, exhortations,


incantations,celtic prayers

and lamentations - always, always, lamentations! The more the better.


And extra butter and jam wouldn’t hurt either.