Wednesday, May 17, 2023

On The Potentially of Wings, Feathers and Croissants As Big As A House

Today’s post is a Wings and Feather Day post only in so far as an egg had the potential, at a certain point, of developing wings and feathers. It’s really about imprudent buying and consumption, a thing I’ve done much of in my life, frequently at Costco.

Ninja blenders that require more time and effort to set up and decommission than a nuclear plant, enough tissue and TP to stock a half-way house for 2 years. And of course the Costco cheesecakes, key lime pies and pecan pies large enough for a family of 20. Sure, you can portion and freeze them for future use but still…we are but 2. But one thing I’ve resisted until now, for decades, is purchasing a dozen Costco croissants. Not because I didn’t want to: the thought of a re-crisped croissant in the oven and served at breakfast with even more butter and jam appeals to my higher sense of culinary delight more than you might imagine. Which is precisely why I’ve never indulged until now when I came across this decadent masterpiece from David Leite’s Culinaria.


When Costco Gives You Croissants, Make Croque Monsieur Casserole

So yes, I finally did it. I have litte energy or stamina these days but I can still wrap baked goods for freezing and make sandwiches. Raj helped with the rest.

First I made 3 ham (Costco) and baby swiss sandwiches with a dab of mustard; Raj favors Taylor’s hot English which for some reason is no longer available anywhere in this country but as he is a great hoarder we have on hand an imported supply that will last us at least 2 lifetimes, possibly 4. I heated one sandwich in the oven and we split it for lunch; you can do that the croissants are as large as Big Foot’s slippers. It was quite good.

The other three I put in the frig for the next day at which point I sort of made David’s casserole only smaller. I cut my sandwiches in fourths placed them in 2 smallish ramekins, and covered them to soak a couple hours with a custard made with 2 eggs and about 3/4 milk. Béchamel? Two tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, cook, add I cup warm milk a flick of nutmeg and salt and whisk till smooth and cooked for 2 minutes. Throw in a generous handful of grated Gruyere cheese and mix. When cool, spoon over top of your casseroles and add more grated cheese. Place on foil lined baking pan or you will be sorry. Bake for about 50 minutes until golden brown and puffed.

2 mini croque monsieursMy mini-monsieurs

Were they good? What sort of a question is that? Of course, decadently so. Too rich for human consumption but so what?  Neither of us could eat more than a half of one but leftovers beacon for lunch, possibly with a bit of warm maple syrup this time. If feeding a crowd, use David’s recipe.

And with that I put to rest to the parable of imprudent purchasing. Simply be more prudent regarding that which you purchase imprudently. Leave the nuclear Ninjas: take the croissants.