Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“Don’t Go Dare Wid Me”: Reprised

So, I have been a big fan of grizzled old urban cowboy, radio and cable TeeVee guy, Don Imus for many moons. I first learned about him from my BBB (Best Blogging Buddy) Dewey From Detroit.


A little background for those of you who aren’t familiar with Imus. The I-Man, as his little people call him, is a big time multiple Marconi winning shock jock. His radio show was simulcast on Ms.NBC, until he was canned by both the PC Police at Ms.NBC and CBS (his radio syndicator).


The I-Man was reborn at WABC and simulcast on RFDTV, briefly, and now is on Rude Rupert’s Fox ‘Bidness’ Channel. 

In his Ms.NBC days, the I-Man had a deal with AOL to read, on the air, Instant Messages (IM) sent to him by viewers. Dewey’s - now internationally famous - internet/media empire was launched when the I-Man read Dewey’s plan to help Bin Laden RIH (Rest In Hell) obtain a nuclear weapon:

That was followed up with Dewey breaking into the field of political commentary, during the 2004 Presidential campaign, with this:

Man, I-Dude really could use a teleprompter.

Ok, so I know you are beginning to wonder where I’m going with this, aren’t you? Well, I’m not sure yet. Butt it started when Dewey asked me if my hard drive had a copy of an audio clip of NBA star Allen Iverson’s mom, Ann, getting’ in somebody’s face.

ann averson



It seems, Dewey heard the I-Man ask if anybody could find this clip, which he apparently lost in one of his moves. Being a dedicated public servant, I jumped into action.

My first scan came up empty, butt I was not deterred. I finally found it hiding in a folder marked for “sourcing.” Apparently, my pattern matching software thought that it was either Lady M, in her LaVaughn mode, or possibly GrannyR.


I’m glad we cleared that up. I now have it filed & sourced correctly and post it here for the I-Man and everybody else in the whole world to enjoy. I think you’ll see why my software was confused.

Ann Iverson: “don’t go dare wid me”