Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jet-lagged and a Little Disoriented

Even after a whole weekend to recuperate from the East Asia Apology Tour, and a fun dinner in Georgetown at BFF Valarie Jarrett's swanky townhouse (no-slumming for her here), Big Guy was still major-league jet lagged.  He just doesn’t seem to be travelling so well these days.

So here’s the embarrassing little incident that happened last night in the East Room at Big White that we’re trying to keep under wraps:



Moshino, by the way.And belted at the natural waist. For a change.




BO was presenting the very special Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award to two women from Zimbabwe who are braver than the whole Zimbabwean army, in that they have stood up to the thieving, murdering dictator running their once prosperous country. Big Guy comes in, reads his elegant remarks, and then TOTUS tells him that he’s done. Now, Big Guy thinks that means like done, done, and so he leaves with Lady M by his side through the Great Hall.



Do you think it looks like BO’s makeup is sliding off?



But in reality, he was supposed to stay to mix and mingle at the afterglow, and when an aide finally caught up with him half way down the hall, he had to do another about face and return to sheepishly announce that "I'm allowed to stay." ” and “I never know what I'm allowed to do.” As if he had to announce this. The speculation that he was just slipping out the back for a cigarette is just wrong: do you really think MO would let that happen?

Anyway, he grabbed a glass of vino when he returned and the rest of the reception went without incident. Then we turned in early, so BO could be extra sharp for the Indian State Dinner we’re hosting tonight. He wants to impress them with his complete command of Indian cuisine, which he developed during his years in Indonesia where he did not attend a madrassas, but he did enjoy many a good madras curry.

Now some of you might think that TOTUS would really be in the dog-house for his role in making BO look like such a doofus last night, but the fact is Big Guy can’t even order take-out without him. So I think he’s safe at least through the holidays: of 2012.