Sunday, October 3, 2010

He Can Absorb It: Yes He Can!

So, I know everybody heard Big Guy tell Woody (Bob Woodward) that we can “absorb” another terrorist attack, even one as big as 911. Well, that got a lot of people wee weed up around Big White and, from what I hear, around your neighborhoods too.

Now, everybody still on the Team, which is pretty much Gibssy (for now), ValJar, TOTUS & me, are trying to “put it in context” so the voters won’t be hating on us in November.

The leading concept so far is an adaptation of the “SHAM WOW” poster that Jill at iOwnTheWorld  photoshopped Big Guy into.  BigFurHat posted it a while ago and, like any good capitalist pig, is selling on mugs t-shirts, buttons and posters in his shop, which is just down the street from mine.

absorbant obama-bold

I don’t know, I don’t think it sells itself. But like Vince, we can’t do this all day.