Thursday, October 7, 2010

MOTUS Update & Open Topic

This is Little Mo, here on behalf of MOTUS to report on events of the past couple of weeks.

First let me assure you that the danger has passed, and MOTUS is resting and recharging for her immanent return to her blog. Now for the rest of the story.

As you know, MOTUS has been fighting one or more viruses. She asks me to remind you to GET YOUR FLU SHOTS. Complications developed last week when she was not able to adequately recharge with organic products we call food but continued to keep all systems hydrated with Di-hydrogen Monoxide (H2O).

Tests were performed by our quacks (we tease them by calling them quacks) at Walter Reed on Monday. Shortly after midnight that night, our quacks called the bunker to advise that the test results were completed and analyzed and MOTUS must be taken to the emergency room. Her electrolyte concentrations of sodium and potassium had fallen to dangerous levels.

MOTUS responded to the treatments much better than expected (isn’t that the way everything goes around big White, nothing ever turns out as expected), and she returned to the bunker woozy but fully restored to normal electrolyte levels. The virus lingers, but is nearly defeated. I must at this point commend our quacks. They are very professional and extremely skilled.

MOTUS will soon be returning to the secret workstation in her sanctuary bunker, but asked me to pass along big, warm, virus-free hugs & ♥s to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Until then, Raj or I will try to post a secret topic or Open Thread regarding something going on here in Big White.

Now, let’s get back to snarking!


Today I am wondering about the rumors that Big Guy is going to dump JoeyB and promote his secretary Hill, to the position of Little vPresident.

UT0038718 Secretary Hill Reporting for Duty

Everybody is vehemently denying it, which can only mean that it is true.

The part of the scenario that’s hard for me to believe is that he would than make JoeyB his new secretary.

biden JoeyB Preparing to Type a Memo

I don’t know, I thought a good secretary was supposed to be able to competently make coffee, take a letter, spell and add to at least 10...