Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Dolly

Today’s Open Thread Question:

Will you act today without delay?

Filed on behalf of MOTUS by Little Mo from the sanctuary bunker.

With all the dark November clouds on the horizon, it’s hard for Big Guy to find a ray of sunshine and HOPE here in Big White. Lady M, on the other hand, needs SPF-Gazillion to keep from burning up.

First there was MOTUS Wonder Woman story which gave MO the boost she needed to jump in front of Lady Gaga, DOprah, Beyonce, Ellen and every other babe on the planet including Sarah-cuda, and take the title “Most Powerful Woman in the World.”


Forbes: “Most Powerful Woman in the World”

Now, maybe the biggest, most important honor ever: Franklin Mint has commemorated Lady M’s historic FLOTUSency with a limited edition, 100% vinyl doll! Here’s what Franklin Mint says:

“In the same way that clothes are a language without words, Michelle Obama speaks volumes.”

michelles-bigg-ass“MO Volume”

Franklin Mint chose the “official portrait” of Lady M taken in the Blue Room, wearing Michael Kors:

“Her statuesque beauty and astonishing physique seemed to perfectly punctuate the formal ambience of the White House, while she simultaneously illuminated the room with her spirited, yet gracious presence. What resulted was, by far, one of the most radiant First Lady Portraits in history.”


mo doll-1

Franklin Mint: Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll

The Lady M portrait doll is truly a work of art and comes complete with all the accessories:

“Our Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll, one of the first of its kind in the world, captures all the style and substance of our iconic First Lady. A dazzling tribute to the passion and positivity of Michelle Obama and her Declaration of Fashion Independence, this remarkable creation is complete with black pumps, stud earrings, double-strand faux pearl necklace and replica steel watch.”

MOTUS reflected this “Full Doll-Body” overlay to show the extraordinarily lifelike detail, accuracy and realism Franklin Mint achieved in striking this iconic doll:

full doll-body overlay copy “Extraordinary accuracy and detail”

I must warn you, only 9,900 lucky people will be able to own this extraordinary collectors item. After that, the die will be broken and this historic opportunity will be lost.

BUTT WAIT!!! If you act to reserve your Lady M doll today, you’ll receive the “Eyewitness to History Newspaper Collection”, a $90 value, free with your purchase (just pay separate, exorbitant processing & handling).

mo doll-2 

You get it all, The Michelle Obama, Celebrity FLOTUS doll in stunning vinyl, the accessories and the “Eyewitness to History Newspaper Collection” all for only 3 easy monthly payments of $65 (plus exorbitant processing & handling).

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