Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sun Sets on Sundance


lower main Skier’s Bridge, lower Main Street, Park City, UT

In case you’re interested, I just officially wrapped up my official Sundance responsibilities, so I guess I’ll be back on duty full time at the Big White – the only place on earth as fatuous as Bobby Redford’s little film festival.

There were some great bad movies this year and my last movie reviews are posted over on Dewey’s site. It was fun, butt I thought you should be the first to know: I’ve decided not to give up my day job. Sure, there are a lot of snakes around the Big White, but in the movie business, the snakes are the amateurs. And as they say: you’re usually better off with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t know.

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere - wrapped in an enigma, inside a conundrum. So it’s safe.

Until next year then, this is MOTUS, cub entertainment reporter signing off from Sundance. And that’s the way it is…