Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayin’ for Peace After the Wiki-Leak:UPDATE

campaign  beginsWe’ve got our campaign wardrobe and manners working overtime


Good Morning all. I’m off to the airport with Raj - we’re  going to Little Mo’s Dad’s 90th birthday party! The same day as Ronald Reagan’s 100th  – how great is that?

We’re flying commercial, since AF.5 has been pressed into service to fly Americans out of Cairo, so I don’t know what to expect from our Security Theatre agents. I’ll try to post more once we’re airborne, if that’s still allowed.

Just a couple of thoughts before I take to the friendly skies: I see the the Islamic fascists are simpatico with the Cairo uprising, saying it’s the best since the fall of the Shah of Iran. And we all see how well that worked out.

And on another (although not completely unrelated front), I see Julian Assange has been nominated this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. And that makes total sense, as he’s behind this latest round of peace talks in the Middle East by sharing important information on a need to know basis. Also, he shares the same kind of anti-Americanism that several former winners have demonstrated; plus, for the bonus round, he’s accused of raping several women. I’d say we have ourselves a winner.

Gotta’ run. Back as soon as Big Sis tells me it’s safe to go about my blogging again. In the meantime, please feel free to move about the commentary thread.

UPDATE: Well, we made it through security. Raj got probed and they found Little Mo in his pocket, so that took awhile. I had all my perimeter defenses working, plus my official Big White I.D., my super-secret spook credentials, and my aluminum foil, so I made it through the radar unscathed.

Regarding the “Praying for World Pieces” ensemble, I think it shows infinitely improved fashion sense reflective of the dark and difficult times we’re living in. Sort of a cross between Courreges and Chanel, don’t you think?

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Tell me we’re not in high-campaign mode now:

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