Sunday, January 30, 2011

“Wear What You Love”

We’re taking a little break from world affairs today to focus on a few other pressing issues: Elocution, fashion and nutrition.

We’ll examine all three from Lady M’s very tough interview with ABC’s hard hitting Good Morning America reporter, Robin Roberts:



ROBERTS: At a Baptist church in West Columbia. And to think about the conversation we had then, when your husband was a Senator, to now. Do you think about the arc of your life these last few years?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, there are moments. But, you know, things are so busy and so hectic, and with the girls and trying to keep them grounded. You know, I think that that's my natural state, is to just keep moving forward. So, I don't know that I can do it any differently. You know, maybe when it's all really, really over and there's a little breathing time and I look back, I can reflect. But right now, there's just so much in front of us, so much potential, so much opportunity, to make a difference that, you know, my days are filled with that. But one of these days, you know? Reflection will be a good- a good thing.

You know, I would have thought that someone at Princeton, or even Harvard Law School, might have suggested that Lady M work on that verbal tic. You know?

On to the kickoff of the 2012 campaign:


ROBERTS: …Everyone was really moved to see you next to Gabby Giffords' husband as you were clinging and holding his hand. Personally, Mrs. Obama, when you went there for the first time and met with the heroes and met with the victims and met with the families, what was that like for you personally?

mark kelly

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, spending time with those families and seeing their strength, it gives you hope. It gives you clarity about who we are as a nation. 'Cause sometimes we got lost in the bad stuff that happens and the back and forth.

Then a shift to our international social calendar: did she and Big Guy receive their invitation to Will and Kate’s wedding yet:


ROBERTS: Would you like to attend the wedding?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, I think just like any couple, they should invite who they want to invite to their wedding. You know? This is a personal, private thing, you know?.

And Robin didn’t steer clear of other sensitive subjects either:

ROBERTS: Then, you don't have to worry about what to wear. And  speaking of what to wear, at the recent state dinner for China, the First Lady caused quite a stir for not choosing a gown designed by an American. Does that get old, though? Whether it's- And I know you received some criticism from Oscar De La Renta.

MICHELLE OBAMA: Women, wear what you love. That's all you can say. That's my motto. I wear what I like because...I gotta be in the dress, so...

                     article-1348813-0CD55C90000005DC-837_634x618witchessat dinner back view


It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as you love it.

It's nice to have on a nice suit.

annotated walmart suit

But it's nicer to change a generation, in terms of their health. It's a better use of my time to focus on rallying this country around our military families. I mean, there's so much that I hope to do in this role, that makes a difference in people's lives.

Oh my yes! Much nicer to change a generation’s health. We’re going to tailor your health much the same way we tailored this nice suit. There’s so much more she’d like to do in this role.

And because she has her heart set on making everyone healthier by eating organic fruits and vegetables, I’m not going to share this article that El Rushbo mentioned last week. I think it might upset Lady M’s apple cart – literally. Butt I’ll share it with you because I think you would want to know.

It’s in an article by Zoe Harcombe, a nutritionist, obesity researcher and author: Five-a-day: We’ve all been duped. It’s a good thing she’s from Great Britain, because otherwise we would probably have to slap her with a preliminary net-neutrality restraining order for propagating such nutritional heresy.

By all means, read the whole thing, butt here are a few select excerpts for your consideration:

  • So how have we been duped for so long? You might assume our five-a-day ­fixation is based on firm evidence. But you’d be wrong. It started as a marketing campaign dreamt up by around 20 fruit and veg ­companies and the U.S. National Cancer Institute at a meeting in California in 1991.

Some of you might know that the USDA’s food pyramid has been around since 1894 and has changed multiple times based on research findings (often wrong, and later reversed) and “input” from many vested interests including lobbyists for the processed food industry. Butt don’t let that color your view of the original nutritional information coming from our government. Lady M’s team has finally got it right. Other questionable information from Zoe:

  • The facts are these. There are 13 vitamins and fruit is good for one of them, vitamin C.
  • Vegetables offer some vitamins — vitamin C and the vegetable form of the fat-soluble vitamins A and vitamin K1 — but your body will be able to absorb these only if you add some fat, such as butter or olive oil.
  • The useful forms of A and K — ­retinol and K2 respectively — are found only in animal foods. As for minerals, there are 16 and fruit is good for one of them, potassium, which is not a substance we are often short of, as it is found in water.
  • Vegetables can be OK for iron and calcium but the vitamins and minerals in animal foods (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products) beat those in fruit and vegetables hands down. There is far more vitamin A in liver than in an apple, for instance.
  • But natural fats such as those in eggs, meat and fish should not be demonised alongside trans-fats. They are essential to our wellbeing and they are what we’ve lived on for thousands of years.
  • According to a recent survey, the British people are deficient in ­vitamins A, D, E — all of which are fat-soluble. If we added a dollop of butter to our portion of vegetables, they would be better for us — not worse.

So, given the confusion coming from the “nutrition experts,” I think we should follow Lady M’s advice, and live by her motto, (paraphrased): Women, eat what you love!

  cookie monster I know MO does

And that’s all I have to say about that.