Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stemless at the Stern

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We didn’t wear our dress of many colored stripes very long, butt it made quite an impression in the fashion world none-the-less. Everyone’s been talking about the Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone stripe dress, wondering what his inspiration for this creation might have been.


I think it may have been all the colorful flags decorating the background of Big Guy’s speech.


Others suspect it was more likely the umbrellas seen on local beaches




Others see shades of circus tents,



Or even quaint awnings

CC2097    may09vintage2_sm    605543_ratio4x3_width180

Still others were reminded of a shower curtains,realestate_msn_com


a hot air balloon,


or a tablecloth


Anything butt a frock. A little too avant-guarde for fly-over, I fear. 

So we decided to go with something more…monotone for our official welcoming ceremony in Chile (she-lay). Along with the Febrezed hair and fresh makeup, we were feeling better when we landed in Santiago.


Our arrival frock was lovely, lacey and blue. And up close appeared to be hand crochet lace.

is this crochet

I can’t say for sure, what do you think?

Screenshot Studio capture #032

It looks pretty similar to me.

And if we like it, there seem to be a lot of other options available from this fashion forward designer line that Lady M could really rock.


       DollYellowCrochet_Dresses_018             SONY DSC            SgCLW9f5ahrDNAbLi8dZEwsKEotScxgySkoKrPT18yp1M3MT01ON9FJLiiv1kvNz9TNz4tNKc3IqQISekYGZoaWFhYWZXlZBOgMDAA__             everybodieshappy crochet   20090407_mobamaoutfits_090223_1%20-%2032

Things really started to look up for the evening party at La Moneda Palace. Since it was a State Dinner, we went all out: hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe. We wore an elegant off shoulder, empire waist claret colored gown that had a certain “Josephine” feel to it. We accessorized simply with a triple strand of giant, French Roast high mountain Chilean coffee beans. Quite nice, really.


And I hate to quibble over little things, especially since Lady M went to so much trouble to look her very best last night. Butt… about the toast; both Lady M and Big Guy look like they were about to crush their glasses to smithereens.


Not to be a wine snob or anything, butt my etiquette pack says that  the proper way to hold a wine glass does NOT include any of the following examples:

iphone_216 iphone_214 iphone_217

butt rather like this:


Butt, as I said, it’s just a quibble when there are so many other fish to fry.

Bottoms up: it’s our motto.


Next time we’ll just specify the use of the  Riedel “O” glasses.

 reidelo wine glass

They’re named after the Wons, and they’re stem-less. Perfect.

 applauding Mos butt“Caption Contest”

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