Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WTF with a Wine Tour of Latin America

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Wine dinner at Casa Presidential

We saved our best look for last: the party with the El Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes and first lady Vanda Pignato at the Casa Presidential.

Butt what a bummer; we’re going to have to skip the Mayan ruins in order to return to our own in D.C.. Apparently no amount of effort on the part of his aides and the MSM to portray Big Guy as fully engaged in the deployment of missiles and warplanes in North Africa while partying  “bridge-building with Latin American leaders” could obliterate the unfortunate juxtaposition of “war and party” imagery.

Yesterday we tried real hard to make the trip seem important. Photo ops included Lady M doing good works at a local women’s center:

halter Hot halter for painting, and Jason Wu for unveiling a plaque!


and Big Guy spent the day in search of his inner Christianity:

christianO tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero


       Fun with halo imagery

Meanwhile back home, driven by right wing radio, people are growing upset that we’ve entered a war run by a Franco-political steering committee. It hasn’t helped any that our Secretary of State doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Big Guy when it comes to the “mission.”  And our “coalition” seems to be unraveling faster than our economic “recovery.”  To make matters worse, Big Guy’s secretary is being portrayed as the won with stones: the architect of our humungus, historic coalition. How about you just  make a pot of coffee, bi**h!

Germany announced they’re out if NATO isn’t running the show (they aren’t), Italy is threatening to ban coalition planes from taking off from Italian bases (they are both afraid now that Gaddafi will remain in power and cut off their oil supply). Turkey is out, just because; and the  Arab League – who was for the invasion before they were against it – are waffling as badly as we are. It’s beginning to look like the French – who rely on Libya’s oil as much as Germany and Italy – have conned us into bailing their butts out yet again.

The frogs have learned how to speak tough and rely on our big stick, while we now speak softly and don’t know exactly who the hell is in control of our big stick.

I don’t pretend to be a Military History scholar, butt I do know one thing: ill-conceived plans never end well. And plans developed by a  committee,


and sold to the leader of the free world

wine tour diplomacy2 

while on a wine tour of South America has all the ear marks of an ill-conceived plan.



    cecelia making o's comfortable


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