Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ann Barnhardt: Original American Firebrand. John Wayne: Eat Your Heart Out

Today, MOTUS humbly turns her little blog platform over for a Public Service Announcement - not brought to you by your government, butt by a very patriotic American who is unafraid to say what’s what. Allow me to introduce the venerable Ann Barnhardt, a true American, frighteningly (to some) intelligent, seriously brave, unyieldingly strong and not to be messed with woman from Colorado. I dare say she doesn’t take a lot of crap from anyone, least of all mealy mouthed, sackless political wonkers from Washington D.C.

Apparently she was a little cheezed off after watching Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation last Sunday. Let’s just say she found Lindsey’s gutless, ignorant, politically correct comments somewhat lacking in the, uh, nads department.

After listening to Graham, she spent 45 minutes writing the script for this video which she recorded and posted on her Youtube channel shortly thereafter. There are two parts. This is part one and you will probably want to watch the entire 9 minutes, 36 seconds of it at least twice before passing it on to everyone you know. CAUTION: MAY NOT BE ENTIRELY WORK FRIENDLY. While Ann is a devout Catholic cattle rancher, options trader/broker, and she doesn’t drop any F-bombs, she does call Lindsay the rear end of a donkey in no uncertain terms more than a few times. In the most charming way possible.

Watch here as she dusts the floor with Lindsey. I promise, you’ll feel better for it. For the first time in months you will see and hear the clear voice of America again. The long dry spell of mealy mouthed conciliatory sweet talk will be swept away by the voice of a real American, with passion and commitment and no concern what-so-ever for the politically correct pablum we’ve been fed through a drip tube for years. And dare I say, for the first time in a very long time you might actually feel something that feels a little bit like hope. Not the dope-hope of Obamaville, butt the real deal.  And then you’re likely to ask yourself: why are all the focused firebrands in this country women these days? I don’t know, butt thank you Ann Barnhardt, for reminding us of how we  used to feel, most of the time. And how we intend to feel again.

H/T American Digest

Supoib Interview with Ann Barnhardt on iOTW

2 hour Andrea Shea King radio show .


Here’s Part 2 of Ann’s Lindsay Graham takedown: The burning of the Koran, with bacon. 

Ann torches the passages as she reads them, and explains why each deserves to be torched. (again, not workplace appropriate, even though the offensive passages are read verbatim from Islam’s most holy book: can you think of any passage from the Bible that you would have to post a workplace warning on? Me neither.) 


Please God, send us more  Ann Barnhardts so we might be able to smite our evil enemy. Islamic Fascists that is, not Lindsey Graham. Unless we have to.