Sunday, April 3, 2011

Open Thread and Linky Day


AND AN ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE “DO NOT MISS” LINK FROM TODAY: Clarice’s “The Unified Theory of Obama” at American Thinker. Where she raises the issue of the ear-to-ear scar, which in turn raises the question “What did they put in or take out of there?”


It’s Sunday, and I need a little R&R. So while I check into the day spa for a glass wax and realignment,  I’d like to share some of the excellent R&R  (research and reporting) done by some of the other intrepid bloggers in our ranks for link-around and open-thread Sunday. Multiple opportunities for snarking abound.

First, The Radio Patriot has some very good in-depth speculation on the Donald; and who doesn’t love to speculate?

Obama was deliberately dealt a winning hand that included the queen of diamonds — and Hillary folded. But as she pushed away from the table, she was mollified with the promise of campaign debt payoff help and the SecState post, a position with which the canny and wily HRC has since used to clobber Obama re: Libya.


Don’t you love a good birther spy intrigue?

Next, Mrs. P rehashes the media’s ongoing tonsil hockey tournament with the Won - while making bagels! The woman is simply amazing.

ROSE:  This White House is very much an intellectual hothouse.
BROOKS:  Intellectual power.
ROSE:  The self-confidence and the intelligence.
BROOKS:  There are certain intellects which are like fluorescent, and the president is one of them.

If by “fluorescent” you mean “curly fry.”

And here are her bagels: who wouldn’t order a dozen of these beauties for Sunday brunch? Unfortunately, she doesn’t have overnight delivery available.


And what the hell, as long as you’re there, you might as well enjoy her observation that Sarah Palin has dresses with higher I.Q’s than Jay Carney.

Then, Gerard explains how one angry mob can spoil your whole day – and I’m not talking about the tea party.

His nose is thickened along with the rest of his face, and not just from a lifetime's love affair with single malt…

"I had a bad day on Wednesday."

And he also shares with us Big Guy’s new campaign ad for 2012:


Fausta reports on Miguel D’Escoto,  Libya’s most intriguing  new envoy to the UN:

You may recall that D’Escoto is the guy who said Fidel Castro is a saint, hugs Ahmanidenajad like a long-lost child, and doesn’t want mass-murderer Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir busted because it would be “racist.” He fits right in at the UN.

Also, because it is Sunday and we should spend a little time reflecting on how we all got here and who started this nasty mess in the first place, Adrienne’s Corner sheds some light: What Went Wrong with the American Experiment and When? And she welcomes audience participation!

Next are public sector unions.  Until the1950's, they were largely illegal.  The first U.S. state to permit collective bargaining by public employees was Wisconsin, in 1959.  Why am I not surprised?  That was the beginning of public sector unions gouging taxpayers for higher and higher wages and benefits, while union bosses began donating the bulk of their contributions to democrats who would ensure that the gravy train would keep chugging along, making it hard, if not impossible, for the average person to have a legitimate say in elections.

Chickaboomer demonstrates why the Lame Stream Media is referred to as “lame.” Her pic of the Ire of Knut sums it up nicely.

And just because we never tire of another tribute to our World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Cripes offers up this analysis of Lady M’s new stylist:

floobsI'm not saying she's got the Little Eye here but I am saying she seems to be looking in two different directions at once

Mary Oh So Contrary has commentary and a phonics lesson on why Big Guy sometimes hissssessss like a snake:

Some blush; Pinocchio had that nose growing issue; but when Chairman Obama really starts dishing the whoppers (lies…not the burger of the same name that Me!chelle does not approve of) the ‘sss’ hiss grows…the bigger the lie…the longer the hiss.

Doug Ross reflects on what Malik Zulu Shabazz let slip about Big Guy’s friends and dinner companions (sorry, linky fixed now) in his rant last week:

So Farrakhan joins the collection of skeletons in Barack's closet, a veritable Star Wars cantina of freaks, Communists and anti-American kooks. From Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, "Father" Pfleger, Van Jones, Imam Hassan Qazwini, Susan Power, Anita Dunn and a host of other crackpots we'll likely never know about.

And Retriever has an excellent movie recommendation for next Friday night: Escanaba in da Moonlight although you may have to be either a Mid-westerner or a Sarah Palin fan to completely enjoy it.


Pundit and Pundette reports on what is soon to turn into a food-dessert in North Philly: Food Police Crack down in Philly.

“Candy!” said one of the parents, McKinley Harris, peering into a small bag one child carried out of the store. “That’s not food.”

And SadHill has found the perfect Libya Solution.



Touched With Fire has found something else that George W Bush can be blamed for (scroll down to March 27 post):

Joyce seems to stop just short of blaming Bush for her husband's death, since this description comes in the scene that has him hunched over the kitchen table the morning he took ill, surrounded by his newspapers and magazines: the implication--distress over Bush knocked out his immune system and put him at risk for the pneumonia that killed him.

And Barbara at Mommylife wonders why so many women dress their young daughters like prostitutes (trust me, no good will come from that. They’ll just grow up to dress like grownup prostitutes.)


"Why," asks Jennifer Moses in The Wall Street Journal, "do so many of us not only permit our teenage daughters to dress like this - like prostitutes, if we're being honest with ourselves - but pay for them to do it with our Amex cards?" The answer indicts a generation of mothers who grew up as the most liberated generation in history and are only now having second thoughts over what they want for their daughters.

SondraK of Sondrakistan finally located the true spirit of anarchy that seems to elude today’s “yoots” who enjoy using it’s name in vain:


Speaking Truth to Fashion needs some help understanding why Lady M’s pinky is perpetually attending a tea party:

What the heck is it with that darn pinky on Moo Cow's left hoof?


DeniseVB of hopenchangery, aka Stealth Magnolia, reports on the Opaqueness of Hope. And Change.

For the first time EVAH, President Obama has consented to receive an award in a closed door, no press ceremony.

Gee, it’s as if he was ashamed of it, or something.

Granny Jan has recently located Big Guy’s halo, which has been missing and/or under wraps for awhile: Glowbama 

Another of our resident artistes, RP Free Speech, sends you some beautiful Digital Abstractions, for distraction from A Thousand Words. Cuz we need it.

Screenshot Studio capture #036Screenshot Studio capture #037

And last, butt not least, by any means, a public service announcement from Big Fur Hat at iOTW for any of you who are Apple-bots: I Am Currently On Hold With Apple Care, in which he demonstrates the danger of schlocky products included with an expensive computer.


So that’s it for today.  I hope you enjoy the linkys from this awesome compendium of awesome bloggers. I am in  awe. Everyone, take a bow.