Friday, April 15, 2011

Et Tu Koopy?

I know we haven’t showcased Lady M here for a couple of days, and I’ll be getting to that in a minute, butt first I have this important news to report: it looks like our new stylist, Meredith, has already flown the coop after just a couple months on the job. I know we’ve had a lot of troop defections lately, butt et tu Koopy? 

Why ever would our stylist leave us? Who or what could possibly be responsible?

I wonder if this had anything to do with it?

Michelle Obama President Michelle Obama Biden yPKDTHOctv0lTailor and Jewelry challenged

Or this?

leaving HIShape and taste challenged

Or maybe it’s because of our ongoing arguments over appropriate foot and leg coverings.


Fashion forward footwear choices


Or possibly these strange dress and shoe matchings that Lady M and Koopy were always arguing over were to blame:

leaving riog-tdy-110209-michelle-930a_grid-10x2

Shoe/frock confusion

Although it might have been as simple as a basic principle with regard to leg covering in general that caused the breakup. As we know, Koopy was definitely in the “keep it under wraps” camp herself:

mededithKoopy on her way to work

While Lady M prefers the more au natural look:

sista silver heelsExhibit A: The reason God invented hosiery

To be honest, while I’ll miss Koopy, Lady M doesn’t really need her. I think she demonstrated over these last few days that she is perfectly capable of dressing herself.

shoulderstrapStraps as art



with adornment



Don’t worry, I’ll be rushing the job posting out this afternoon. Opening: Big White stylist. No experience necessary. Prefer someone who’s been dressing themselves like a grownup for at least 20 years, etc. Tweet me any other qualifications you’d like me to include, or if you’re interested in buying the job volunteering for the assignment.

And by the way, there is NO truth to the rumors that Koopy is going to be Kate Middleton’s new stylist, nor is she returning to Chicago to work on Big Guy’s re-election WTF-STD campaign. From what I hear, she’s just decided to spend more time with her family. You know, sane people?

And just one observation on the Lady M/Dr. Jilly military tour de force. It was a huge hit, everywhere it played.

camp lejeune waiting on the ladiesThe troops at Camp Lejeune await Lady M’s arrival in a state of high alert and anticipation

Butt we are checking into a health scare that broke out at every stop along the way:

Screenshot Studio capture #043Unexplained temporary narcolepsy attacks

Next time we’re going to serve doughnuts and sugary beverages prior to the events.