Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The MOTUS squirt flower makes its debut

As you can see, the MilFam photo op was a pretty bling-less affair.


So I took the opportunity to do a little test marketing with Lady M on a new product I’m thinking about adding to my boutique. It’s a new squirt flower and it comes in many different colors. You can click on the flower to embiggen. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, I had to reflect the flower out of the optics at the official MilFam photo op, butt here, where I don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest, I can show you what it looked like.

Was3858746A little spring added to our pretty in pink.Click to Embiggen

Lady M loved it, but Dr. Jill passed, even though I offered it to her in green which I think would’ve looked quite complimentary with her red suit. Maybe I’ll save the green one for Lady M’s red suit – the one she wears with her green shoes.


Sorry about the wrinkles, I lost focus while refracting the squirt flower out. Eeuuuu! This one isn’t too flattering either. I hope I’m not in trouble.

butt shot

Even Big Guy appears to be a little disappointed with my work today.


Either that or he’s listening to his iPod. What do you suppose he’s playing?