Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movin’ and Shakin’ with Michelle: BHG edition

Although we’ve already seen leaks, including the excellent photo shoppe cover, the Lady M special collectors edition of the August Better Home and Gardens officially goes on the news stand today.

So be sure to get out early, because they’re bound to be snapped up quickly by collectors.


Plus, then you can read all of Lady M’s “Ideas and Inspiration to Help American Families Eat Right.” Here’s a little preview:

We start with the obvious: "…to eat your vegetables,"


umm, yummy turnips Mmmmmmm! Turnips! And

Sweet potatoes! t1larg_michelleobamasweetpotato_gi

The leafy greens are especially good for you. If you eat them.



Be sure to include some low fat protein in your meals, like fresh fish:


oil splotched caprisThat one should make a good dinner. What would you like Sasha?

and shellfish is an excellent source of low fat protein:


michelle-lobster-bibAt least without the butter.

Try to enjoy a relaxing, sit-down dinner with the family every night:

michelle-obama-eats-with-her-fingersAt informal meals like this, feel free to use your fingers

But even if you can’t eat at home, avoid fast food at all costs:

chowline“Uh, no thanks, I’m just inspecting.”


If you’re too busy to cook, try hiring a world famous personal chef to over see your intake:

kelly and jacqueChef Jacques can just whip you up a little lobster omelet appetizer

Make sure you get plenty of fun exercise to work off any inadvertently consumed excess calories:


dancin'           milk runnot dougieupandaway

flying again      232x334

Never eat with your mouth full:



No wait, that’s not right…butt still, not bad advice.

And here’s Lady M’s most useful tip in these stressful times: like an apple, a glass of wine a day will keep the doctor away:



Did I say one?


wt5saucy ladyBarack-and-Michelle-Obama-006 mobluegooglyeyesmodevaldilma vanna rouseff









Well if one is good, 2 bottles must be even better, right?

And did I mention  to “eat ‘shur vegables?”


And no, chocolate chips don’t count as a vegetable.

cookie monster

Anyway, if you follow all of Lady M’s “Ideas and Inspiration to Help American Families Eat Right” you too can enjoy an occasional treat.


The Shake Shack, in a show of good old fashioned American capitalism, is now offering the “Lady M special” a Shake Burger, fries, chocolate shake and diet Pepsi. Boo-yah!

Oh, and the only other noteworthy item in the BHG feature is the shocking news that Lady M gained weight after she moved into the Big White! Who knew? BHG notes "ironically" that life in the Big White is "more constricted" and  "has made it harder to follow her own advice about staying on the move." Boy, you couldn’t prove it by me: Europe (3 times), Africa (twice), 50 of our 57 states; some, like Hawaii and the state of Martha’s Vineyard, multiple times.

Anyway, despite all that movin’ and shakin,’


Lady M  "was surprised that her body had changed."  She told BHG  "I realized that some clothes were getting tighter. I didn't know what was going on." All I can say is, she’s the only one who didn’t. Even after we beefed up her containment systems.

So, we’re movin’ out again today to visit 3 more swing states.Look for our big announcement on “Eliminating Food Deserts.”  Now there’s a problem that maybe Congress can solve.