Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama: TWF. Pitching Fits at Windmills. WTF

I tried to put this as nicely as I could last week when I explained the situation that caused Big Guy to walk out on the debt talks.

“Apparently Eric triggered this outburst when he took Big Guy at his word that these discussions were not going to be about political posturing. He ill-manneredly had the audacity to interrupt Big Guy - 15 minutes into his political posturing - to suggest a short-term solution.

r-ERIC-CANTOR-large570Don’t be fooled. Just because he sounds smart, Eric is not in Big Guy’s intellectual league by a long shot. If you know what I mean.

That impertinence on the part of one of the little people, who clearly doesn’t know his place, triggered that “petulant-child syndrome” we’ve been trying to keep under wraps. I guess we still need to work on it a bit.”

Photo of used teabag over white backgroundCourtesy of The Looking Spoon

Unfortunately, others who don’t have Big Guy’s interests at heart (I hate to name names, butt people such as Pundette) managed to wrangle the ugly details out of some of the R-words who have been attending the debt talks. Warning: this is graphic!

“McConnell, the Senate minority leader, did not participate in the earlier negotiations, seven weeks of them, guided by Vice President Biden. Senate Republican whip Jon Kyl had taken part in those talks, which were friendlier and far more productive than the meetings run by Obama. Biden, despite his reputation as Washington’s premier windbag, had restrained himself. The president hasn’t. He’s talked incessantly, and for so long that others often gave up trying to get a word in. Obama dominated one session so completely that only one of the four Republicans spoke and then only in short spurts. [. . .]

The president has been less genial away from the prying eyes of the press and the public. In the private talks, he’s dominated the discussion with the eight most senior members of Congress in an overbearing way not likely to lead to compromise. He’s been argumentative. He’s come across as President Blowhard.

Screenshot Studio capture #143

After Sperling briefed the group on the deficit cap proposal, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi addressed another subject. When a Republican participant criticized the deficit cap, Obama interrupted with a monologue. When the Republican tried to speak a second time, the President quickly cut him off, and delivered another sermon on why the criticism was wrong.

Obama has taken the tack that he must respond to everything that’s said, whether by a Republican, a Democrat, or even Biden. And his responses, like those in his press conferences, are never brief. But who’s going to complain about Obama’s verbosity, at least in his presence? He’s the President.”

bidenIn the land of the blind, even a one-eyed man might seem kingly

I just think it’s a little harsh to call BO a narcissist though, as many have. And Monty P goes way over the top, referring to him as Don Quixote:

Obama is doing what he believes right and just.  Sophomoric understanding, however, does not explain why the inequities of the world are assumed to be Obama's responsibility.  How does one go from President of the US to a modern-day Don Quixote for the entire world? (snip)

Obama's narcissistic disorder apparently enables him to see himself as the President of The World, the Great Rectifier and the One We Have Been Waiting For.  Some supporters speak of Obama in messianic terms, as he himself has arrogantly done.  This behavior pattern could be indicative of severe delusion, even megalomania.(snip)

obama%20ham%20it%20upEl Presidente of the world

The original Don Quixote's tilting at windmills was charming and harmless.  This knight of old was noble and honorable.  He possessed character and integrity.  While a bit crazed, his motives were pure.  It was difficult not to admire him.

None of that holds true for President Quixote.  The only thing these two delusional people have in common is a fascination with windmills.  The old knight imagined them as dragons to be slain, the modern one as solutions to the world's problems.  Which belief is more rational is left to the reader to decide.

Obama9Look! Up in the sky box! It’s the Super Don Quxiote!

Now, I know you’ve all been wondering what Lady M’s been up to, other than her pedicure which we saw on Sunday:

soccerWaiting for paint to dry

She’s been getting the complete buff and polish job for her swing state tour that starts tomorrow. She has to hop on our “corporate jet”  to raise some money because Big Guy’s optics require him to stay here in Washington and sound tough.

So, following a big announcement tomorrow “regarding access to healthy, affordable food” Lady M’s going to be busy. She will be off to  Virginia, South Carolina and New Hampshire to wow the little peeps and flash those famous toned arms.


I can tell you though, she’s a little cheesed about her upcoming Thursday appearance on reality TV. She claims that nobody told her that the Extreme Makeover show she agreed to appear on was the Home Edition. She was looking forward to a wee bit of lipo for those pesky fat pads that keep creeping back no matter how healthy we eat,

Screenshot Studio capture #134

nor how hard we work out.

wash natlGive me an “O” New Hampshire!

Don’t miss our swing-state tour, coming soon to a DNC bundling station near you.

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