Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreams From My Cinematographer

I’m sorry, butt ever since reflecting that image of Hilz yesterday my hard drive keeps scanning files: it’s sort of what I do to recharge - in lieu of REM sleep. Think of it as virtual memory dreaming.

Anyway, instead of “dreaming” pleasant images that refresh and restore, I’m having the computer equivalent of nightmares. All of my normally soothing Read-Only-Memories seem to be matched with, uh, extraneous, memories that are, to say the least, not refreshing. I’m not sure how to interpret these “dream” images. See for yourself, and let me know what you make of these images from my ROM:

Rockin’ jeans  with Sarah:

Screenshot Studio capture #153

Rockin’ yellow with one of the lesser Michelles:

Screenshot Studio capture #154

Rockin’ purple with Kate:

Screenshot Studio capture #156

Rockin’ the belted coat with Carla:

Screenshot Studio capture #155

I’d cinch that up a notch there C!

Butt the worst was yet to come, a turn to the really dark side. I slipped into totally uncharted territory, “dreaming” Lady M morphed into Serena Williams. And that, my friends, is a nightmare whether you are REM –ing of ROM-ing. Behold, then, the “Serena Williams: compare and contrast” portfolio:

“Put your entire trunk into it, and let the force be with you!”

Screenshot Studio capture #159

“Step out of the limo feet first and no one gets hurt”

Screenshot Studio capture #160

Rockin’ a pose with a lesser celebrity.

Screenshot Studio capture #161

Rockin’ the “angry black woman” meme.

Screenshot Studio capture #162

Rockin’ our pink dress that was suddenly, and surprisingly,  tight all over.

Screenshot Studio capture #158

It happened so fast, we didn’t even know what was happening.

And, thankfully, the last image in the nightmarish portfolio:

Packin’ our trunk for a very, very long trip.

Screenshot Studio capture #157

Seriously, I don’t understand this at all. As far as I know, we don’t even own a pair of Loboutins. So if any of you have experience with dream analysis, let me know because I’ve got to get some rest.

And I know you’re all upset about the way the debt ceiling talks have been going. Butt believe me, you’re not as upset as Big Guy. I had to move little Bo into witness protection again.

I just don’t seem to have recovered enough backup power to report on yesterday’s meetings and press conference, so Dewey said he would work on it and submit a report this afternoon. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available. In the meantime, stay strong, and pray for a break in this heat wave. Maybe that will help chill my circuits.

H/T to Clarice, one of our own who – as Breeze pointed out on Thursday – is now famous!

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