Thursday, July 14, 2011

“Call My Bluff, and the N-word gets it!”

The article started out well enough:

There’s no denying Michelle Obama has brought glamour to the White House. Not only has she mastered ladylike chic, she champions young designers and has a subtle approach  to fashion.

Butt then they go on to say something stupid like this:

… she’s tackled one of this season’s trickiest trends — colour blocking. In a palette of deep blue, sky blue, mauve and pale yellow, Michelle proves that an unlikely mix of colours can often be the most successful.

Oh, right:


The article continues:

The secret to pulling off the trend is to wear simple shapes — think classic shifts, maxis or tunics — and let the colours do the talking.

As evidenced here:

leaving rioOwiAQAMA9-Q1vXEy6IsHYJsQf-AWCsAG02yJgjB_pT707E3-3_QYbHHYAz9x9ogVS72VCZArZDZWCd729mxv8ypgbZnaR8F6_s1sorUzIjFJfRnvWSkvLPDxKvH5yMEpJkSibkzqK19zNqMVabEuuFlqMBPgD

Here’s a rather simple rule of thumb I like to follow: If the fabric looks as if it could just as well be turned into a table cloth, you might not wish to have it “do the talking” for you.

First off, let’s be “crystal clear,” to borrow a Big Guyism: the only one doing any real “color blocking” around here is me, and I do plenty of it.

Imagine this little number in a bright tomato red, for instance:


From yellow bird…

mo red ouch

To tomato tart. This is what happens without color blocking. I think you see my point.

Meanwhile, back across the pond, we have the vaunted Washington Post weighing in on the Wons’ apparent disconnect on the "good vs bad vegetable” controversy:

The trouble with Michelle’s campaign is how easily it’s become a metaphor for this administration as a whole. It’s Eat-Your-Peas politics. Finish those vegetables. Pull off the Band-Aid. Raise that debt ceiling!

… The debt-ceiling vote goes beyond peas and verges dangerously on broccoli.

Now, let me point out that it was a R-word, George the First, who vilified broccoli, thereby paving the way for future presidents to trash less noxious vegetables like sweet peas. As they are fond of saying in politics, it’s a slippery slope.

Vegetable politics are the politics of delayed gratification. And that’s the thing we do least well. Raise the debt limit? Get off the couch?

Naaah! Let’s just send out for pizza. And shakes. And maybe a sack of burgers and fries, in case we have to work late again.

With Moody’s, and now Standard and Poor’s, threatening to downgrade our bonds if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, and with the Social Security checks getting lost in the mail, the heat has really been cranked up in the Big White. And one thing we can’t abide in the Big White is heat, so that’s not helping on the “delayed gratification” front either. Big Guy pounded his fists on the table yesterday and stormed out of the room with the epithet “You’ll hear from my lawyer!”

No, actually, he said: “Don't call my bluff. I'm going to the American people on this." Excellent plan! And it’s a first for Big Guy. He hasn’t even acknowledged the American people until now, let alone let them have a say in his policies!

Butt you can’t blame him for not taking his important policies to the people: after all, he doesn’t really think you’re “paying attention” and he believes you “don’t understand politics.” So I guess Big Guy’s planning to take his debt ceiling plan to the 24% of you who are paying attention and think we should raise the debt ceiling, not the 69% of you who don’t want the debt ceiling raised. That uninformed, confused 69% majority is clearly watching too much Fox News.

Taking his “eat your peas” argument to the street seems safe enough. I’m sure everyone likes peas enough, especially the sugar snap kind. Now, if you were trying to get them to eat broccoli, and telling them that it’s really peas, that would be an entirely different matter.

So don’t worry; even though Big Guy told Eric the Cantor  "I've reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I won't yield on this. Enough is enough."  he promised to come back today after Eric has had a chance to calm down and come to the realization that raising taxes during a deep, dark depression recession really is a good idea.

Apparently Eric triggered this outburst when he took Big Guy at his word that these discussions were not going to be about political posturing. He ill-manneredly had the audacity to interrupt Big Guy - 15 minutes into his political posturing - to suggest a short-term solution.

That impertinence on the part of one of the little people, who clearly doesn’t know his place, triggered that “petulant-child syndrome” we’ve been trying to keep under wraps. I guess we still need to work on it a bit.

 gunmanH/T Redstate commenter izoneguy

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you:

raise the debt ceiling or i'll make you sorry copy

Man, if we’re having this much trouble with peas, Lady M’s got her work cut out for her if she wants Americans to tackle beets, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi.