Friday, July 15, 2011

Man Child in Manorexia

Wow! Yesterday’s daily from across the pond published 2 articles that so totally covered our waterfront!

First, there’s this insightful piece on "manorexia" being on the rise. Apparently  “experts  believe the obsession to achieve the toned figure of male models has led to higher rates of eating disorders among men.”

manorexicWhoa! Nice rib cage, fella! That’s a finely toned bod.

Frankly, I think they’re underestimating the role of drugs in this equation, butt either way, it’s clear they don’t eat right. In fairness though, I don’t think you can blame models for what is clearly a sheeple problem. You know, giving up your individual right to think and choose in favor of groupthink?


Groupthink occurs when individuals acquiesce to the wisdom of some perceived authority (e.g.  the media) and abandon their critical evaluation skills, often in order to reach consensus.  Don’t get me wrong: Big Guy is a big fan of consensus. In fact, he’s demanded that Congress reach one regarding the debt ceiling/budget “issue” soon, so he can move on. Butt he’s beside himself, because up till now, when he demanded something, he got it. This time there seems to be some push back from those uppity Congressional R-words, especially Eric the Cantor. Probably because they’re racists.

Is it any wonder then, that he hasn’t been eating right? With peons challenging his authority as leader of the free world?



Get that man a burger, fries and a shake!

Butt just for a reality check, do any of you think these are sexually attractive men? I mean, to women.


Because apparently the rest of the sheeple world does. If you do too, I’m thinking I need to get updates for my aesthetic filters, because these dudes would definitely have been auto-deleted in any scan tagged “sexually attractive men.”

Next, we had the article on a rise in female “burnout” – an article about women who push themselves so hard on the job and at home that they literally have a breakdown. The author concludes it’s because women always put others needs ahead of themselves, hence not allowing enough “me time.”

I won’t sugar coat this: I think Lady M could fall prey to this syndrome. She’s always sacrificin’ for the country, and taking care of everyone’s needs around the Big White.  And I’ve seen some signs of the disorder that were mentioned in the article.

Poor eating habits:

fatballs“Butt Mommy, I don’t like fat balls”

Letting their hair go:


Not paying any attention to their clothing:


Flying off the handle:


Maybe we should look at carving out little more “me time.” I’ll see if I can get us in for a weekend spa appointment. We don’t need any more melt downs around here.

bigguyat mof honor


It’s bad enough that Big Guy’s so testy we can no longer ask him questions.

First Obama stomps out on the meeting yesterday because Cantor kept asking Obama questions, and now the entire White House press corps has to go into time out for the same reason. This may be the most thin-skinned President since Richard Nixon.

I always get nervous when I hear Nixon’s name mentioned in the same sentence as Big Guy. And seriously: “the most thin-skinned President since Nixon”? I don’t think Dick ever had any hissy-fits in public.