Thursday, August 25, 2011

How can you put a price on an Obama vacation?

First of all, how can you even call this a vacation? All Big Guy does is work, work, work.

Here’s proof: a Big White photo of BO taking an economic meeting. Note the surroundings: this is not a luxurious estate! It’s actually quite sparse.

President Barack Obama receives an economic briefing from Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, at the Fisher House at Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark, Massachusetts, August 24, 2011.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Taking a meeting on the economy. Maybe a beer would help.

I don’t know though - that guy doesn’t look like he knows diddly squat about economics. The one on the right, I mean. That’s Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council. Sheesh! The Leader of the Free World doesn’t even warrant our Economic Council’s top dog for his briefings? Butt I guess Director Sperling must be on vacation too.

Big Guy told him to go ahead because, like Big Guy, Gene’s been working hard for the American people all year. And it’s not like he knows that much more than Big Guy about the economy. Besides, they already cooked up a scheme to save the American economy while at the same time saving Fannie and Freddie refinancing everyone’s mortgage! It’s pure genius. Big Guy wants to call his new program “Re-mortgaging America” butt he’s getting a little blow-back on that name.

So, after settling his economic/jobs problem,he played a round of golf. Because we are, technically, on vacation.

Obama-Vacation eric whittakerPutting along with BFF, Eric Whitaker; the only guy on the course with less style sense than BO

And who, you ask, is Eric Whitaker? For starters, he’s Associate Dean and Executive Vice President, University of Chicago Medical Center – you know, where Lady M used to draw a pay check? Butt our history goes way back. Or at least as far back as Big Guy’s public history goes. Eric’s one of our Chicago posse. And we hang tight.

valjar eric whitakerSome of the FOO (friends of Obama) fighters

“In the Times profile of Obama’s First Friends, Whitaker figured prominently, along with White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett; campaign treasurer Martin Nesbitt; John W. Rogers, president of Ariel Capital Management; Rogers’ ex-wife, the former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers; and Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama's brother.”

They do everything together, and sometimes Big Guy gets better economic policy advice from them than he does from any of his official advisors. Because, let’s face it, they have more skin in the game. In fact, I think the “re-mortgage America” plan originally came from the Chicago mob.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the estate, some Lady M news:

The intertoobs are abuzz with rumors about the gazillions of your tax dollars that Lady M and her posse have spent so far this year on “extravagant” vacations. Allow me to put all this carping into perspective.

leader of the pack

It all started with some loose lipped Big White staffers squealing to the National Enquirer that Lady M is a “vacation junkie” and calling her behavior “disgusting.” Then they went on to claim that she has spent more than $10 million, so far, this year alone. I don’t know who the weasels are yet, butt Puff-Daley’s security goons are efforting  their identification as we speak. I do know that none of them are accountants, because Big Guy doesn’t hire accountants.

white-houses-austan-goolsbee-whips-out-the-white-board-to-explain-the-tax-debateDoes he look like an accountant to you? Well he’s not.

I think it would have ended right there, on the front page of NE,  because I don’t know anybody who reads the National Enquirer. Ok, I do scan it occasionally in the grocery store check out line, Ok, so I read it every time I’m in the checkout line, butt I don’t know anybody else who actually goes to a grocery store.


Anyhoo, along comes The Gateway Pundit to stir the pot, along with with Free Republic and The Daily Mail for cripes sakes! So now it falls on me to fix everything: “grab a mop, MOTUS and clean up this mess in aisle 10!” That sure was a short vacation.

So here goes: Lady M has not spent $10 million of your tax contributions on vacations so far this year. As I explained to The Gateway Pundit’s readers, in order to accuse Lady M of spending $10 million of taxpayer investments this year, you would have to round up from the $9.78 million in actual expenses (not including our in-progress Vineyard vacay) PLUS, you’d have to ignore the fact that none of the money is coming directly from tax revenues. There is a separate account set up as “Lady M’s travel stash” that was included in the recent debt ceiling increase, and was borrowed from the Chinese. So, if the Chinese aren’t upset about this, I don’t know why anybody else should be.

dom and caviarOur afternoon snack

PS: Lady M’s been so upset about these reports leaking out that she’s taken to getting her spa treatments in her private quarters. Butt that doesn’t mean that no one else can have fun. (h/t Mommy Life)

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