Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama’s BBB Tour: Was That a Good Idea?

A wrap up of the “Big Black Bus” tour. Lessons learned: they’re still bitter, still clinging.

between barack and a hard place copyOur Rock Star tour turned into the “Between Barack & a Hard Place” tour

He said it was “listening tour” butt then they expected Big Guy to listen to them.

bo alphaSit down and shut up!

He heard them say they wanted jobs for Americans, butt then they got all wee-weed up about which Americans he found jobs for.


We had to contend with terrorists in the midst of the crowds:

ryan rhodes

Big Guy told the terrorist to get over it. That he, himself, has been called bad names in the past: once he was even accused of being a socialist... as if that was a bad thing.

we_are_all_socialists_now newsweek

As I recall, he rather embraced the concept at the time.

Then Big Guy gave us a peek at his “new” economic plan, to be rolled out after “Labor” Day (kind of ironic) which includes all the usual suspects, including having the rich pay a little bit more. Butt now it even looks like that plan might have a few holes in it:

millionaires go missingSource: WSJ

Yikes! Where are all our millionaires and billionaires who can afford to pay a little more going? 39% reduction in people making $1 million or more? WTF? How’s that going to work? Bueller? Anyone?

And then, our stop at Wyffels Hybrids didn’t go as well as the handlers had hoped. First, Big Guy got the place mixed up with the Waffles House. Then, when he found out it was actually Wyffels Hybrids, he assumed it was one of his car companies. It was a little embarrassing when he found out we were talking about real plants: hybrid seeds. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, some farmer guy respectfully complained about government regulations getting in the way of them growing corn and soybeans.

bo alphaOh, sorry. You’ve already seen farmer-guy, haven’t you?

Well, by that point, Big Guy was really getting tired of hayseeds, and he sort of blew him off. Because he just wanted to eat his waffle.

And while the Big Black Bus was cruising the Heartlands, Maxine Waters was cruisin’ in Detroit, asking her homies if it’s time to go after Big Guy for not delivering on his promises to give them a bunch of free stuff. The response was, in 2 words, “Hell yes!” Not good news. Apparently even the homies are getting tired of his excuses.

Not my fault! via Gateway Pundit

Thank goodness we’re going to the Vineyard this afternoon, where we are still idolized and we can put this Big Black Bus tour and all those flyover hicks, bitterly clinging to their guns and religion, behind us.

It will be good to feel the love again.

obama-smear-orlandoWhoops! That was from Detroit.