Monday, August 15, 2011

We take our economic show on the road! WTF?



We’ve barely rolled the bus off Air Force Won, and already with the criticism! The R-words are saying Big Guy stole the idea for a bus tour from Sarah, butt I’ve got news for them – our inspiration predates her bus tour by years!

kur0-012aNo; I said “years” not decades

Lady M got the bus tour idea from Jim O’Conner, one of her many Food Network friends:


He had a very popular TV show in which he traveled around America in his RV eating at local food festivals.

Snapshot 19 (8-14-2011 6-47 PM) copy

“Wide open road” imagery, small town American sensibilities and unlimited greasy food. Perfect! We went into production immediately. Oh yeah, and jobs, jobs, jobs!

Some people are criticizing Big Guy’s trip as nothing more than a sideshow. Butt they’re missing the point: this is the main event. Campaigning, it’s what we do around here.

bo reflection of himself campaign-busx-large“Who’s got pie?”

Lady M decided to take a pass on this leg of the trip when she heard that one of the first stops on our “food-on-a-stick” tour was Decorah, a large Norwegian community in Iowa. It’s not that she has a problem with blonde haired, blue-eyed Scandinavian Iowans, it’s just that she remembers the food we were served in Oslo when Big Guy went to pick up his Nobel Prize for Readership back in 2009. If I may quote: “enough with the stinky fish, already!”  So we’ll just be here at the Big White, getting in training for our Martha’s vacay.

mobottoms upbmp

Butt back to Big Guy’s campaign to persuade America he’s working on that 3-letter word: JOBS.  On our first trip out, we’ll be hitting towns Big Guy’s never even heard of in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. In fact, until his historical presidential run in 2008, he hadn’t even heard of Minnesota or Iowa.

Butt now, here he is, playing President-in-Chief, holding town hall meetings in places like Cannon Falls MN. Is this a great country or what? And BTW, the handlers, in order to make sure this is an upbeat outing,  picked two towns that are economically "vibrant” for our first few stops. They still remember all the blow back we got last year from improperly vetted supporters in our back-yards-of-America-tour. Awkward!

Any hoo, we are being much more careful during our getting-out-of-Washington trip this year. We’ve got an entire advance team clearing the road ahead of the tour bus.

apr_16_wild_turkeysSome consider wild turkeys a bad omen

So I think it’s going to be a great week. And just wait until Big Guy tells Lady M about the size of those famous Iowa pork sandwiches!

pork tWow! That’s a really big pork sandwich! Can I get some fries with that?

pork with friesOh yeah, babe! Pork fat rules!

After our well deserved vacation, Lady M will sooo be on board for the next Iowa campaign/jobs bus tour. That’s just what we do around here. Campaign, eat, tour, eat, campaign. WTF.

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