Thursday, December 10, 2009

Golden Geese Land in Oslo

Heh. You decide if the “golden goose” from the previous post referred to the United States being fleeced by Third World Countries or Lady M, wearing the golden fleece.



Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony - Oslo_1260476030919 Photo from AP Photo - News, photos, topics, and quotes_1260477555851


And look! NO BELTS!!


But how about the evening ensemble?


As you can see, the new lamp shade theme is going to be the next  big trend. Here we are on our hotel balcony, bestowing the royal wave on the little people in the street below.







Lots of Spanx…but no belt!!!

We wanted to give a bow to some local fashion icons, but  Bjork –world famous singer from Iceland -  was as close as we could get. Since her famous swan dress from the Academy Awards had served as inspiration for Lady M’s inaugural gown , we went with this ever popular look again for the Big Prize party.

bjork2 mo-bjork

Did we sweep these fish-eating Scandowegians off their feet tonight or what?


What are these bars?window

Oh yes, they’ll be talking about these two golden geese for quite awhile to come.