Friday, December 11, 2009

Oslo Runway Review

Winging our way home now! One of our most successful trips ever. And before anyone gets started with me, I just want to deny the rumor started by my buddy Dewey: NO. TOTUS did NOT get the the West Point speech mixed up with the Oslo speech. Let’s just say, as they do in politics, that we’ve had a focus shift, based on the most recent poll results.

And good news. The only apologizing Big Guy did over here was for not deserving the honor of winning the Nobel. My advice: stop apologizing for that too. After all, we WON!

Now, what you’re really interested in: a re-cap of the Oslo runway show with Lady M.

1departBWinazzedinealaiacroppedjacke[2] Here we are departing Big White Wednesday night (after Raj’s b-day party) en route to Oslo. MO wore our cropped jacket by Azzedine Alaia, pants, and black flats (they make Big Guy bigger, no ?)

2_thumb On Air Force Won, we changed into our arrival outfit. This is a do-over from the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery during the inauguration. Recycling: we’re all over it.


The Lady M signs autographs for the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, wearing one of our favorite snuggies with a “petrified” flower pin grown in our own organic garden.


Here, Lady M pulls out all the stops wearing a Calvin Klein gold leaf gown befitting a queen. To fend off expected attacks of “imitating royalty” from the right-wing attack machine, MO demonstrates her commitment to diversity by removing nits from Big Guy, just like they do in BO’s homeland Kenya, before entering the Royal Castle in Oslo on Thursday.


When we arrived for the Nobel Peace prize award ceremony at the City Hall in Oslo on Thursday, we wowed the crowd by reprising the Nina Ricci cardigan we wore at the inauguration (continuing our commitment to saving the world, one recycled garment at a time). Just be happy I won on the belt.


My bad here. I assumed that since MO was barefoot and the camera angle was low, Big Guy would look, well, bigger. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, when you assume….


We arrived at the Nobel Banquet in Oslo wearing some of our favorite draperies over our pale blue Speedo. Gosh those people really are little aren't they.

We had to add the jacket in the unseasonably cold climes, to watch the torch light parade that the Oslots threw for us:


Here you get the full princess lampshade effect.

The parade was spectacular! They even had one float dedicated to the FOX news network:NrwTroll-1_thumb[3]Norwegian troll dolls

But alas, every fairy tale must come to an end. And we left this morning for our long flight home.


Another do-over from the inauguration: a handsome camel and black Narciso Rodriguez that we wore to the “We Are the Won One” concert. We’ve been starving ourselves for days in order to fit into it again. Even so, we had to let the seams out a wee bit.

I’m sure our hosts understand the urgency that requires our hasty departure from their wonderful (but cold) country. We have to get back to save our team’s prime directives: Obamacare and Cap and Tax Trade. Also, Big Guy wants to get back before Toxic Tim lets another one of our banks slip out of our grasp.